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Advantages of Tutoring

A Different Approach to Learning

Welcome to Ms. E. Mathematics. Has it been a while since you've taken a mathematics course and now you have to take a math class? Then, let's start at the beginning.

Customized ​Learning Plans

The benefits of tutoring vary from student to student, but there is no doubt that any student, of any skill level, can benefit from tutoring. Whether you need help understanding a lesson, completing your homework assignment, or studying for an exam, tutoring can mean a letter grade difference. 

Personalized Attention

In a classroom environments the teacher is alone with a very large classroom size, individual instruction may not be available at all. With tutoring, however, you get personalized attention based on the topics you wish to concentrate on. 

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About Me

Throughout my career in education I have had the opportunity to teach a wide range of education levels, from high school teacher to adult education program to college level courses, with classes comprised of face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. My main objective has always been to create a learner-centered environment that accommodates the different needs of the students, allow for mathematical skills to be developed, and encourage students to take ownership of their education.

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"She helps you understand math so much!!!! I have always had trouble with math and now I feel more confident in myself. She will help you out and make sure you understand the material so you can pass"

Developmental Math Student