Frequently Asked Questions

How late/early should I book a session?

In order for the tutor to prepare, all booking sessions must be done 1 day in advance. This will give the tutor time to: During Topic Lesson: 1. Prepare additional practice examples 2. Prepare resources to share with you During Homework Help and/or Exam Review Sessions: 3. Have solutions ready to check your homework answers 4. Hace shorcuts and/or calculator steps

Can the tutor give me the answers to my assignments?

During a 1-1 tutoring session, the tutor will help you with the process and show you shortcuts (if there are any) and/or calculator steps (if you are allowed to use a calculator). If you don't have time for a 1-1 tutoring session, then book a Homework Help only session. You can get an explanation for up to 10 questions via email. Go to the Plans page or book a 15min Free Consultation for additional information.

Can I review my 1-1 tutoring session after the session is done?

Yes! All sessions will be recorded and you will be given a link to comeback and view the session again. Only you and the tutor will have access to the recording.

Can I cancel a session?

You may cancel a session, but know there are no refunds, but you can reschedule a session.

Can I reschedule a session?

You can reschedule a session 1 day in advance. Know that you will have to select from the available times. If the week or month is full, you may have to wait a week or month to for the next available booking time.

What do I need to bring to the tutoring session?

You should bring relevant materials to your tutoring sessions, this includes your notes, assignments for which you are having difficulties, and returned exams. Complete as much of the assignment before your session, and come prepared to actively participate in the session.

How do I send my homework/exam to my tutor?

You should attach them to a reply to the booking email confirmation.

How do I enter my online tutoring session?

When you book a tutoring session, an email confirmation will be sent to your email. In there, you will find the zoom link for the session meeting. In case you have never used ZOOM before, the email confirmation will also have two videos, one on how to join a zoom meeting and the other on how to use zoom during a meeting.

Do I need to download Zoom or have an account?

You don't need to download the Zoom app or create an account. The link provided in your email confirmation will open zoom in a web browser.